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Chloe started out as a guest on The Outer Limits Radio Show, discussing the Winter Solstice back in December 2018.

The Original Team (Paul Devlin, Simon Mundy and Naz Ahsun), liked Peggy-Sue's and Chloe's chemistry on air, that in January 2019, both Peggy-Sue and Chloe were asked if they would like to become Presenters on the show.

Chloe: Meet the Team

Chloe came on as the show sceptic. Doubting the subjects we covered, trying to find scientific reasons for things.

However, over the years, Chloe has seen the evidence and has experienced things that she cannot explain.

Chloe: Meet the Team

Chloe loves meeting the variety of Guests we have on the show.

Chloe also enjoys the range of subjects we cover, and is always on the lookout for more...

Chloe: Meet the Team
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