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Carly is part of Bardware Of Frog Lane along with her dad (Grandad, who has also been a guest on the show) and her daughter Jazzy.

Bardware is a little Pagan stall and online shop selling Witchy wares and goodies. 

Carly also organises and brings together some amazing traders, readers and therapists for Mind, Body and Spirit Fayres in the Wiltshire area. 

Carly: Meet the Team

Carly has been a Solitary Witch for some years with her own mix of magic, healing and readings, working with crystals, oils, herbs, nature and the elements, and always learning something new.

Carly first appeared on The Outer Limits Radio Show in 2019, after a chance meeting with Chloe and Peggy-Sue at Glastonbury Medieval Fayre, where they got chatting, recorded a little video and to her surprise invited on to the show to talk about Samhain (Halloween).

Carly: Meet the Team

After being invited back by Peggy-Sue and Chloe a few more times over 2020 and 2021, talking to some amazing people.

Carly was officially welcomed as "One of the Team" in August 2021 and has been here ever since.

In Carly's own words, she is "Loving every minute........."

Carly: Meet the Team
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